Families are no longer willing to just let education happen to them. Over the past few years, the Parent Power movement and parents unions in Connecticut, Texas, California and elsehwhere have pushed to expand choice, lead teacher quality reforms and take on other efforts. What are the opportunities and challenges families face in overhauling American public education. And how can Beltway and grassroots reformers work together to help families take power.

Join Connecticut Parents UnionĀ President Gwen Samuel, and other activists and thinkers today at 12:30 p.m. EDT, to discuss the opportunities and challenges that come with parents taking power in education — and what this means for the school reform movement as a whole. You can participate atĀ https://global.gotowebinar.com/ojoin/1882888717516630528/2900099700924610308. Or call in atĀ Ā (909) 259-0026, conference codeĀ 536-539-809.