When the AFT offers a road map on how to shut down Parent Power efforts, it offers a nice PDF document to do it. Apparently in a fit of celebration during last month’s TEACH 2011 conference, the nation’s second-largest teachers union offered up a presentation on how its Connecticut affiliate managed to make the state’s Parent Trigger law a little less harder for parents to use. (Dropout Nation is doing everyone a courtesy by making it available for public consumption; the orginal is still available at the AFT’s Web site. At least, for now.)

This included arguing that parents groups weren’t at the table for the discussions that led to the passage of the law. (Gwen Samuel and former state representative Jason Barlett, who had led the effort to pass the Parent Trigger law, will find that statement quite amusing.) It also includes declaring that it brought the Nutmeg State’s NEA affiliate “kicking and screaming” to the negotiations because “teachers had to be united.” Again, the NEA will probably find this very amusing.

Whatever one thinks of the document, it clearly offers a lesson for school reformers and Parent Power activists everywhere: The debate over reforming American public education isn’t going to let up anytime soon.

Update: The AFT has taken down the document. Dropout Nation continues to have a copy available.