On behalf of all of our writers, I thank you for reading, commenting and spreading the word about this magazine’s mission on behalf of all our kids. And we thank God for providing the opportunities to shed light on the nation’s education crisis and rallying all of us to reform American public education.

As the editor, I don’t say this often enough, but I always keep in mind that the work you and I do isn’t for our glory. If not for God, what we do doesn’t shine a light for the world on a crisis that condemns the lives of so many young men and women. Whatever praise is received by each of the writers here — especially your editor — is not our own. As readers, you are responsible for Dropout Nation’s success. And God, along with your concern for all kids, is what brought you to these pages.

Dropout Nation look forward to your thoughts and your energy in the New Year — and our kids need your energy (and ours) too. Let’s keep our commitment to giving all children the opportunity to write their own stories. As Robert Frost would say, we have miles to go and promises to all kids we must keep.

Thank you for reading Dropout Nation. And Happy New Year

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